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What Exactly Is A Landing Page And How Does It Help Boost Conversions?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

In this post, we are going to discover what a landing page is and how good SEO practices can help it gain traction. So first off, what is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are web pages used to promote a specific product or service. They are usually individualized for each niche based on what customers of that niche may be interested in, which means that the content will vary greatly from one landing page to another.

These pages can generally be split into two categories: static and dynamic. A static landing page is just a webpage that stays the same regardless of the user involved; it is simply an image or text placed on a website to direct visitors towards a purchase or sign-up. A dynamic landing page is a webpage that has changes, allowing for different content to be displayed depending on who is visiting.

When creating a landing page, you want to have a clear call-to-action (CTA) so that visitors know exactly what you want them to do when they land on your page. This can be in the form of a button that says "Buy Now," or a phone number to call, or even a lead form for the visitor to fill out. A call to action should be a unique thing that serves a response to the question "What now" when a user first enters your landing page. It should be clear, concise and simple. For example, take a look at our main page The page has a clear call to action. The purpose of the page is to get you to click one of the green buttons, which then makes you fill out a lead form. Below are just some of the most popular call to actions.

So now that we know more about what a landing page is, how can we actually drive some natural traffic to our page? This is where SEO Practices come in. You can see good SEO practices being employed on our own landing page here. SEO practices can help you with many things when it comes to landing pages, including traffic and conversions. Employing them can help your website gain more traffic through increased exposure in search results. Due to this influx of traffic, your total conversions will also increase as with more people seeing your page, there is a greater chance for purchases than with less traffic.

When people are searching for keywords related to what you are selling, having them click on your site rather than someone else's can drastically increase the chances of conversion. By using SEO practices, you can create a better chance for more visitors to find your landing page and convert there instead of on another competitor's site. To see the best SEO practices to employ in order to drive organic traffic to your landing page, stay tuned for a later post!

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